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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and head off to new orleans on sunday. >> thank you. >> you still have time to get in on a pair of super bowl tickets. jed york is giving them away. tweeting yesterday just checking in with 49ers faithful. i have two tickets for someone. let me know why i should pick you and down goes the twitter. >> san francisco officials are backing away from any suggestion the city wants to prevent the sale of hard alcohol on super bowl sunday. he says he plans to visit advices around the city next week and suggest they limit alcohol sales. >> they serve something that heavy alcohol during the time of celebration. sometimes that doesn't help with people who want to go
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around the bounds of celebration. >> he says there won't be any restrictions on hard alcohol. it was 31 years ago yesterday when a riot broke out following niners first super bowl victory. revelers burned cars and kajd businesses and there was a stabbing in city hall. >> abc 7 news has a team head together super bowl. former 49er mike shumann will be there. reporting alongside him will be larry beil and abc 7 news wayne freedman. tweegt updates on abc 7 news bay area, watch for our live reports beginning monday morning. tonight the alameda county sheriff's department is investigating an officer-involved shooting in dublin. a man call forward help just
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before 9:30 saying his son was acting strangely. investigators say the suspect rushed at him with a knife. police and neighbors say the suspect has a history of erratic behavior. >> it doesn't have to come to this. but it's not like it was unexpected. >> the suspect has assault history he also has a mental -- history. so that is what they're dealing with. >> the suspect is recovering from nonlife threatening wounds. >> scary moments for passenger as board a ac transit bus hit by stray bullets from a shooting in a nearby gas station. passengers showered with bits of glass. the windows shattered. >> police treated it like a
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real threat but a 911 call reporting an armed man near a school turned out to be a hoax. the call sent three schools west valley elementary, cupertino middle school and homestead high into lock down mode. one class rab to find a safe haven. >> i had a huge fence over there by the football field. a lot of kids had cuts on their arms from hopping ts against. >> unnecessary cuts and bruises and this is a scare. especially hearing about newtown. >> the department of public safety hasn't revealed whether the faller will be arrested for reporting a phony threat. >> san mateo county will be holding a gun buy back event tomorrow. gun owners are expected to get $100 for every handgun, shotguns or rifles and $200 for assault weapons.
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it runs from 10:00 in the morning until 20k in the afternoon. >> an attempted kidnapping resulted in a lesson on stranger danger today. yesterday a man tried to kidnap a fifth grader saying he was there to pick him up. the boy said i don't know and quickly walked away. parents are uneasy. >> scared. very, very scared. i don't want, my kids don't walk home. i see lit louisville kids walk home. >> it's unsettling. and strange to know this can happen right next to you with your house where your kid goes to school. >> the man described as white male with gray hair and stubble driving a light blue 70s era car this, man faces eight counts of child molestation. prosecutors say four victims told police he molested them between ages of five and 13.
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he remains in jail. morgan hill police believe he may have molested other children as well, and detectives want to hear from additional victims. >> the u.s. education department announced today that every public school in america will have to include stid yents with disabilities in after school sports programs. >> we're not talking about physical education for kids with disability that's exists. this would mean allowing thom participate in after school sports. now, school woz have to make reasonable modifications for them, or they would have to reyait a kind of alternative. sophia's fancy foot work gained her a spot on the soccer team. we're surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is the liner.
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her school encourages all students, including those with disabilities to tryout for any sport. >> there is nothing different about me except for my legs. and i can just deal with that. >> and in cases the school makes the proper adom daigs autos a child hearing impaired we may need visual cues. whether there is something else for a child that needs something. >> willard doing a lot whaft u.s. department of education will require schools to do. if a student with a disability not meet standards of the team, the school must provide another option. in november, willard received a award from tash. saying it will do what title 9
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did for women. as seen in pictures they have year found activities for kids. >> just was because have you a disability doesn't mean you can't compete. it doesn't mean that you can't be a part of the team. >> peter strauss. >> a lot of kids with disabilities have no muscle tone, finding physical expression is important for them. >> school districts that have seen cuts inside and outside of the classroom worry about what it will take to comply the san francisco school district says it needs time to analyze whether this changes anything. many schools have to cut some men's teams in order to pay for womens teams. this may have a similar impact
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on both men's and womens' sports. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 a report card you won't want your parents to see this, shows how california teachers are doing in the classroom. >> a simulator to learn about dangers of texting while driving. >> then aman demands police gave into to coax this exconfrom the roof of a home. >> in the accu-weather forecast center our afternoon goesing to be co
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thook at this, a reminder wildlife lives around us. this rare picture of an adult male mountain lion taken near
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mount hamilton. a motion sensor camera captured it. jerry hill introduce aid bill requiring game wardens to use nonlethal methods when confronting mountain lion autos a judge deciding whether there is tofdz try four people for murder in what some are calling a case of vigilante justice. police believe the parents of a teen-aged girl conspired with two other people to kill him. the family believes snead forced a girl into prostitution. prosecutors accused the four suspects of taking the law into their own hands. >> there was a plan and the plan was executed. he was hunted down and shot dead. >> he's a bad man. or was a bad man. >> i know all of them. it just don't make no sense to me.
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>> defense attorneys began to argue he was a gang member with a history of violence. >> an 18-year-old man is charged with indecent exposure, investigators tracked him through cameras. police arrested him last night at his home. they say he sat in the car exposing himself to women walking on hiller street over two weekends. one victim gave police a description of the car and a license plate number. local residents offered home security video when the crime was publicized. a shirtless man stood on this chimney ranning on to the roof of his house after a bondsman arrived. the man failed to meet conditions of bail on a burglary charge. sheriff deputies coaxed the man down after four hours with promises of hot food and warm clothes. >> when it comes to preparing teachers for a classroom, california is not making the grade. state saved grade of d from national council on teacher
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quality. the organization measures preparation programs for teachers and licensing across all 50 states. the head of the california parent teacher association says not putting a priority on teachers is the fundamental problem. >> know that teaching is the most-important factor in helping kids be successful in the classroom. and yet, we're not really investing enough in teacher development. we're not honoring teachers profession as much as we should be. >> california received low scores in special education teacher prep railgs ask akit kthible for programs. >> police say young drivers are among the most likely to text while driving. a habit they're trying to break. officers went to one college campus today with a novel approach. now, live with a look at this. >> if you text while driving over 200 police agencies in california are going to be doing a drak down this year,
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they're using a video game like simulator to show how dangerous it is. sometimes, it takes technology to demonstrate how dangerous technology can be. ryan harper got into the simulator to learn about texting while driving. >> its by the grace of god i haven't been an nan accident. >> at and t is spending millions of dollars that it can wait. >> just going chaempk your think something. >> for sure. i zront a car here in san jose. but yes. when i go home, i will not be texting and driving. >> are you just saying is that that? >> i promise. i'm a changed man. >> police were on hand to let students know their planning 42 enforcement events to nab distracted drivers. whether texting or talking on a phone, issuing 123 citations
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last year. >> i think it's difficult for people to break the hab yismt we get more comfortable with the technology we have. and we have a quick phone call for information. >> at and t has an app sending a reply you'll text back when it is time to do so. to under score texting is a two way process, texting while driving can have fatal consequence autos having a patrol officer write nay report that a text was sent at 12:05 is the reason she is dead is not something that will ever go away. >> simple lol or a ya may take only seconds but police point out looking down for five seconds at 55 miles per hour means you're driving the blind,
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the length of a football field. >> warning period is over for san francisco drivers they're going have to start feeding pete kbleerts or get a ticket. until now, violateors just received a warning. not anymore. city says this isn't about money but increasing parking turnover in business areas. san francisco stands to rake in $1.7 million a year under the new policy. >> new research at uc berkeley links memory loss to the quality of a person's sleep. the findings show the slow brain waves generated help store long term memories. researchers say the quality as a person grows oldser can have affect on memory and brain detereration, better sleep can mean healthier brain fumpblgs. this study funded by national institutes of ageing and health. >> you are invited to help san francisco legend celebrate her
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big birthday tonight. marion brown turned 86. they were spotted together often in identical outfits sh, friends are asking people to fill the mexxanine in union square. she will blow out 86 candle autos san francisco giants world series trophy continues it's victory tour of the bay area, hundreds lined up outside of the court house to get a glimpse of championship trophy. 2010 trophy was there as well. some posed while kaepernicking. >> i miss the last one. i wasn't in town. i found it,
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i love it. go, giants. >> it will appear next at antioch community center monday. to find out why tour will take the trophy next, you can log on to our web site abc 7 look under see it on tv. >> everybody knows what kaepernicking is, right? well, you're going to. >> 49er faithful are showing us fun fan photos. this is buba, the bull dog. you can e mail your photos to you reports we're going to post them on 7 news. you can check out our time line videos. >> sunshine, warmer temperatures today. >> nice. michael finney, spencer christian. >> yes. yes. >> might want to pay attention,
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though. >> yes. >> milder today, going to be turning cooler over the weekend. this will probably please you. look at this awesome view of the sky. wow. a southbound stunning sunset ask clouds around making the sunset very colorful. it's mainly sunny skies at the moment. just thin streaks of clouds in the way area sky. and no precipitation at the moment. there are patches of moisture off shore looping you can see lines of moisture appearing to be sort of a falling apart as they hit the coastline well. do have a chance of isolated showers, right now, it's mild outside. 64 in redwood city. 60 degrees in oakland fremont. mountain view. 59 in livermore, 59 up in santa rosa. these are the forecast
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features. slight chance of showers in the north bay overnight. turning cooler tomorrow. so we'll see milder weather again next week. lows into mid to upper 40s. low to mid-40s in north bay valleys. satellite image shows an approaching cold front. it has moisture with us. a slight chance. cold air mass comes down behind the frontal system going bring us below normal temperatures this weekend. under partly to mostly sunny skies highs into mid to upper 50s. highs of 56 in san mateo.
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low to mid-50s on the coast in pacifica. a high of 56 tomorrow. up in the north bay, mainly mid-50s. east bay, 58 in oakland. 58 in fremont. highs into mid-50s about 56 in conk yordz, danville. and down near monterey bay, hides up to 59 moving inland to salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. interesting week of weather coming up. a slight chance of showers overnight tomorrow, partly sunny skies with highs ranging from 54 on coast. nothing higher than 56 degrees around the bay area. we'll see milder weather settling in wednesday and thursday.
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>> spencer, thank you. >> now, it's time, coming up, finney's friday free stuff. >> and a collaboration of technology and fitness if you're tryin
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it's friday. meaning it's finney' friday free stuff. >> we'll feed you. >> yes. there is a new product at least to me. >> just discovered that. >> from safeway. it's a coast to coast brand of bred coming in french, mainly sour dough. and bha what is interesting is that sour dough comes from a sour dough starter. okay. now, as long as you're eating this bread, perhaps we can help you take calories off.
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crunch will. here is video provided to us. a seven day pass and a personal training session from crunch. crunch has locations around the bay area. you can choose from a ton of classes. and they've got a new class surf set and sand, it's pretty cool. circuit style workout using sandbags and surf boards. >> that sounds cool. >> you'll get that for free as well. >> there sit right here, you can dog on to -- log on to abc 7 we have two additional items on the consumer blog. >> these are french and sour dough. >> thank you. >> sure. >> when ke come back, talking to a local man who coached
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coach harbaugh during high school football days. >> coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live singer nicky minage.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 clamor at the court house. an oyster farmer makes a plea to a judge to save his business z from michael finney package got kaugts in a post office run around. it was delivered back and forth from boston to san francisco for a month. michael finney explains how this happened. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> well, our pay area high school coach has a personal interest in the upcome lg super bowl. >> yes. earl hanson coached the team since early 80s, back then, quarterback was a young kid
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named jim harbaugh. >> two became closer when harbaugh started coaching across the street. >> he used our field several times. very to watch how he organized things. >> the coach hopes he pays him another visit this time, carrying a super bowl trophy. >> there is one more connection. his own son, peter is one of the assistant coaches and will be head together super bowl as well. >> coach hanson go, too, but will be watching from the stands. >> you know he's proud. >> yes. >> cool. >> world news is next. i'm cheryl jengs. >> from all of us this is "world news." tonight, super bug, a new kind of virus spreading across the nation even faster than the flu. hand sanitizer can't stop it and
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dr. richard besser here to tell us what can. the comeback. the big five-year rally on wall street today. a lot more money for retirement. ice age. firefighters and everyone sliding off the road tonight. the gun next door. hundreds of thousands of guns stolen from homes on your block. an abc news investigation. and hillary's health. what we learned about why she's really wearing those glasses. good evening on this friday. this nation still fighting the flu, and facing another warning tonight. top scientists say a new strain of a powerful norovirus is now racing person to person across the country. it's a severe stomach flu easy to get, hard to prevent. abc's ch


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